October 12, 2020

Melasma is a very common patchy brown, tan, or blue-gray facial skin discoloration, almost entirely seen in women in the reproductive years.

Melasma typically appears on the upper cheeks, upper lip, forehead and chin in women 20-50 years of age.

  • The precise cause is unknown
  • People with a family history are more likely to develop melasma themselves
  • A change in hormonal status may trigger melasma – Commonly associated with pregnancy and birth control pills
  • Most have a history of sun exposure, heat is also suspected to be an underlying factor
  • People with skin of color have more active melanocytes than those with light skin.


  • Hydroquinone is a skin-bleaching agent that is used to lighten areas of darkened skin such as freckles, chloasma (also known as melasma), age spots and acne scars
  • Hydroquinone works by decreasing the production and increasing the breakdown of melanosomes (melanin pigment granules) in the skin’s pigment cells (melanocytes). It does this by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme needed to make melanin.

Hydroquinone is considered by most physicians to be the gold standard for suppressing the formation of new pigment cells.

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