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EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE GREAT SKIN: without going to costly Dermatology appointments!

We look at you as the source of healthy skin. Inspired by nature and non-genetic influences such as nutrition and lifestyle as ways to improve the skin. Carolyn wants to empower an individual's own processes and functionality to create beautiful skin inside and out. You can accomplish this with prescription strength products.


An unprecedented marriage of effective ingredients and non-invasive technologies that bring noticeable results. Carolyn's 11 year career as a working esthetician has allowed her to refine her skills, artistry - and in combination with great ingredients - she has developed techniques for profound and lasting results.


No parabens or ingredient toxins. Only ingredients that support your best and highest health.


Skin is always changing due to internal and external factors like environment, age, habits, emotions, health, etc. Carolyn's personalized + highly effective products - not rigid regimens - respond to skin’s needs right now and adjust as life does.



At a young age, I always knew God had a bigger plan for my life. I did not let the struggles of being a teenage mother sway my determination for success. I did not let doubts nor fears blur my vision for my life. Constantly being told a dead-end job is the only way to make ends meet, fueled my fire even more. I began to seek God, but I wasn’t always strong enough in my faith to hear His answers.

It had to be a universal sign or a synchronicity, that led me to trust my intuition. Around the time my daughter was in middle school, a woman at a nail salon planted a seed in me that allowed me to envision myself in a different career. The woman presumed I was an esthetician; not knowing what an esthetician was, I asked: “what’s that?” The woman explained, “it is someone who does facials”. I responded, “I wish I was because I have struggled with acne-scarred skin my whole life.”

Determined and committed, I enrolled in esthetic school while working at a full-time job. With little to no family support to help care for my daughter, I maintained a 4.0 GPA while working 50 hours a week and attending night school. Within the first few months of the program, I learned how to clear up my acne. I thrived in esthetic school; building strong relationships with my teachers, mentors, and peers. Throughout this time, I was also simultaneously building my clientele base.

I knew I was destined to be an esthetician, I had the passion, the vision, and the confidence, but I had not figured how to do so quite yet. My nights were filled with school, my weekends filled with skincare, and of course, a full-time job took my week. Sometimes, guaranteed money will make you stay in a job longer than you need to. As I grew stronger in my faith, I was compelled to leave my corporate job. I knew this was necessary for God to take my career to another level. My ears were open, and I was listening. This was the answer from God I awaited to hear. So, I quit —I stepped out on faith and pursued my passion for skincare. Within the first year of being an esthetician, I had earned the same full year’s salary as if I still had my regular nine-to-five job.  

And —after eleven years in the skincare industry, I remain a student of my craft. I continue to learn about the latest skincare science and treatments. I am rewarded by helping my clients rebuild their confidence not only in their skin but in their spirit. I pride myself on being authentic and standing in my truth– my clients know me to be honest and trustworthy.

I believe passion should never be ignored; it should be pursued relentlessly regardless of the risks. For me, it’s not just about skincare, I want other estheticians to know that you can build a sustainable business by being authentic. Aligned with purpose, I am expanding the knowledge I have to share with others. Through my wisdom, problem-solving skills, professionalism, and authenticity, I want friends, clients, skincare practitioners, and future estheticians to be their authentic selves too.

No one can be who you are, and no one can perfect your craft. Allow yourself to be who you are; share your unique gifts with others.

Your greatest gift to the world is staying true to yourself.



Carolyn Paten (Hall)  is a licensed Esthetician who sets herself apart with her direct, result-oriented approach to skin care. Her passion to find solutions that are both effective and simple has led her to gain the trust of her clients and the respect and success in a town where the beauty industry is highly competitive.


After receiving her Esthetician’s License, Carolyn immediately began working for herself to perfect her craft. After 2 years she joined the prominent Spa Beautiful Skin by Carmen with Carmen Roberts, for 4 ½ years who has distinguished herself in the Orlando area. It is in this environment that Carolyn learned the extensive knowledge and precise understanding of acne and other extreme skin conditions that serve as the foundation for her unique methods that truly transform the skin.


Excited to widen her perspective, Carolyn then branched out on to start her own business Orchid Spa and Wellness in College Park. Since opening Orchid the Spa was awarded Best Med Spa and Best Facial in Orlando each year. With all her experiences and extensive training facilitated her understanding of active ingredients in both professional and retail products. It also led her to incorporate anti-aging and “above maintenance” procedures into the scope of her treatments and allowed her to fine-tune both her style of straightforward communication with clients and exceptional customer service.


Carolyn strongly believes in a problem-solving, uncomplicated, yet effective approach to skin care. Her ability to treat a wide range of skin care conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation damage, sensitized and aging skin, or work with the individual who wants to enhance and maintain the look they have, make Carolyn an asset to her clients. Her combination of modernized treatments along with a recommended home care regimen has kept them looking fabulous and coming back for years.


In 2018 Carolyn flew to California and was trained and certified in Oncology Skincare, being able to treat and heal patients who are currently undergoing treatments and post Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments. I can't wait to announce my new adventure with you soon!!


Being in the industry with over 9 years of experience, with continued education and training is what has made Carolyn an subject matter expert when it comes Skincare. 


Currently, Carolyn has decided to place her focus back into the main scope of her practice and that's bringing her clients new and exciting services, continuing her education on how to slow down the aging process plus more!!  and is now in the beautiful city Winter Park!


Look forward to meeting you!